Honeymoon Week: St. Lucia

Today we bring you somewhere warm and beautiful, once again. St. Lucia! Emily & Bobby enjoyed their time at a Sandals resort whose motto was “no pressure – no problem!” Ahh, vacation. Enjoy our last installment of our honeymoon series!
The above photo is of my husband, Bobby, and me on our honeymoon in St. Lucia during late-August 2009. The image captures everything I loved about our trip…the sand, the sun, the setting, and having my new husband by my side. We stayed at the Sandals La Toc all-inclusive resort, and enjoyed ourselves immensely. The honeymoon was everything we hoped it would be…relaxing, romantic, and memorable.We actually had so much fun during our time in St. Lucia that we literally lost all track of time, and tried to leave one day early. We weren’t in a hurry to leave…far from it! We just miscalculated. (How, I’ll never know.) We got so far as to pack our things, check out of the resort, and board the shuttle. Thank goodness we looked at the tickets once more before we started the hour-long commute to the airport…good grief.

St. Lucia holds a special place in our hearts, and we would visit again in a heartbeat.

Thanks for sharing, Emily!


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