Honeymoon Week: California & Mexico

Today we are taking you on another cruising adventure. This time its the coast of California with a fun stop in Mexico. Cynthia & Doug were married in 2007.

For our honeymoon we cruised the pacific ocean, along the coast of California and to Ensenada, Mexico.  The never-ending excitement began as our ship departed from Las Angeles.  With a constant supply of the best food, wonderful entertainment, non-stop action, and the opportunity to see many parts of the world; we instantly fell in love with that form of travel and soon identified ourselves as “cruisers.” 
Our first stop was San Diego, CA.  It was our first stop on our first cruise, so we kept it simple and decided to visit the San Diego Zoo.  It was the most amazing zoo we’ve ever seen.  We then spent a day on Catalina Island, just 20 miles off the coast of California.  Catalina Island has a culture all its own.  The island is comprised of the cutest little houses, and residence drove golf carts as their form of transportation.  Space is a commodity there and preserving the environment is top priority.  We snorkeled and then rented a two-seater bike, used to explore the wonderful island. On day three, we headed down to Ensenada, Mexico, one of the larger cities in Mexico.  In the morning, we took a guided, 4-hour tour of Ensenada on a Rhino 4×4.  We were shown the best and worst parts of the city, while learning about Mexican culture from our local tour guide.  It was exciting to see Mexico while jumping sand dunes in our 4×4.  It was the first time either of us had visited another country.  To say the least, our eyes were opened.  We then headed back to port in L.A.  There, we visited a couple beaches, local malls, Hollywood, Universal City Walk, and much more! 
We loved our honeymoon and always opt for cruising when it comes time to plan a vacation.  Since that time, we’ve visited 9 islands and 4 countries via ship.  Cruising takes you places and allows you to see the world, with the one you love.

Thanks for sharing, Cynthia!


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