Honeymoon Week: The Mediterranean

We are thrilled to tell you about our own honeymoon experiences in the beautiful Mediterranean. The Mediterranean has so many places to visit and between our two trips, we got to experience quite a bit of it. First up, a Mediterranean cruise!

Nik and I knew that we wanted to spend our honeymoon exploring together. Knowing how deeply connected I am to my Italian roots, Nik started looking right there – in Italy. We soon discovered that a great way to see Italy and a few other places would be to take a cruise. We started our 12 day cruise from a port right outside of Rome. We stopped in Naples, Sicily, Pisa, Tuscany, Genoa and Venice. We also ventured to Dubrovnik, Croatia and Barcelona, Spain. We spent the majority of our time eating (we love food!) and site seeing in places that now feel so familiar. I wouldn’t trade those two weeks for the world.


My senior year in college I took a tourism class.  My final project was to plan a two week vacation to somewhere unique.  Since I was getting married right after graduation, our honeymoon was my focus.  All the work was done and Jarrod just needed to book it.  We spent two weeks on a tiny island call Malta, which sits right in the middle of the Mediterranean.  Since it does sit in the middle the culture and history is simply amazing.  We spent every single moment soaking up the details of this island’s past.  We had at least one and sometimes two tours a day.  We aimed for adventure with tours of neolithic temples, a glowing blue lagoon, boat trips and even hiked up an active volcano in Sicily.  We ate amazing authentic food and even made time for a siesta each day.  This is one trip we dream of taking again.   We still can’t believe we spent two weeks is the beautiful country of Malta.


To view our complete story visit the 417 article here.


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