Honeymoon Week: Ireland & Jamaica

Welcome to honeymoon week! Whether you are planning your wedding or just itching to get that summer vacation going, we are going to inspire you all. week. long. We are so excited to showcase some of your beautiful travels. A special thanks to all that submitted their story over the last few weeks!

To start the week off, we have an incredibly sweet story for you. Its a little more in depth than just a honeymoon trip. We’d like to introduce you to Christy and her Army Chaplain husband, Erik. Their honeymoon took place in their beloved Ireland.

Ireland has a very special place in our hearts. We fell in love there on a spring break trip in 2005, and decided to return for our honeymoon in the fall of 2006. That November we explored tiny villages, timeless landscapes, and bustling cities on the Emerald Isle. It was a fantastic trip to a magical place that captures the imagination.

This past November, Christy and Erik took a trip to Jamaica.

My husband Erik was deployed to Afghanistan for a year. His mid tour leave was over our four year Anniversary and we celebrated by spending 10 days at Sandals White House in Jamaica. It was the most amazing trip. We had so much fun relaxing on the beach! They brought a little miracle back from their trip. After Erik returned from Afghanistan, the couple announced that they had a bun in the oven. Their first baby is due in August. Congrats to Christy & Erik! Thanks for sharing your travel stories. And a special thank you for serving our country.


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