Wedding Digital Guest Book

Want to make your guest book more fun? Make it digital! Have a friend set up a photobooth, or hire a professional to do the job. Use a blank wall as a simple background, or include your wedding theme to add a bit more pizazz. Provide silly props to help the party get started, or allow guests to leave a lasting impression with a chalkboard message board. This idea can be as simple or as extravagant as you (and your budget) allow. Once you have your pictures taken, you can create a book online to have in memory of your special night. Here are a few examples:

Images by Meg WhiteImages by You Look Nice TodayImages by James Moes.Image by Roze Photography.

To find out how Events by Social Graces can help you set up a digital guest book, shoot an inquiry over to

Also, the countdown has begun! The deadline for our Submit Your Honeymoon story is Friday, April 1. Click here for more details!


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