Wedding: Becca & Jarrod

It has been my dream for about 10 years now to be a wedding planner.  It is my favorite kind of event.  People think I’m crazy that I want to deal with stressed out brides, but I think it’s fun.  Seeing them smile and breathe easy on their big day is just so rewarding.  I’ve helped many MANY of my friends plan their big day and it just never gets old to me.  I love it.

I still and probably always will think my wedding was the most fun day ever. Everything was perfect.  We were engaged for about 18 months so I had PLENTY of time to plan.  We had an amazing day with so many people there loving and supporting us.  The best part…I had a big beautiful wedding and spent less than 5,000 on it.  That’s right ladies, this bride knows how to get the deals.

Thanks for letting me share my wonderful day with you!


Venues: Wesley United Methodist Church/Oasis Convention Center

Photography: Big Smile

Flowers: Artistry in Bloom

Cake: Celebrations by Sonja

Catering: My parents and their friends

Chocolates: Amber Murray from The Hot Chocolate

Bridesmaid Dress: Macy’s

Hair: Jennifer from Sweet Little Details

Invites: College of the Ozarks printshop

Programs: DIY

DJ: B Sharp Entertainment


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